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Inspections and Maintenance

Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane Fire Door Inspections & Maintenance

The Queensland Development Code (QDC) part MP 6.1 requires building occupiers to complete an 'Occupiers Statement' annually and submit the statement on completion to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service confiming that fire safety installations have been maintained.

Lock Up Industries can assist you in meeting your maintenance and record obligations for prescribed fire safety installations in accordance to the QDC. Fire door inspections and maintenance are carried out in accordance to AS1851-2012, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 & Queensland Development Code MP6.1. Fire door inspections and maintenance will ensure the fire doors in your building are functioning correctly and safely.

As part of Lock Up industries' complete service we can provide remedial repairs and replacements for safety installations not complying with the current standards. We can organise maintenance at a time that causes minimal disturbance to operations in your building. After hours fire door inspections and fire door maintenance is available, if required.

Other Lock Up Industries Services:

Our fire door services are available from Brisbane to Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Contact Us at Lock Up Industries to see why we are chosen for 9 in 10 quotes we provide. 

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