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Fire Doors - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lock Up Industries paint the doors and frames once installed?
Yes. Lock Up Industries are happy to conduct all the finishing touches required with a fire door repair or fire door installation. Lock Up Industries are licensed and qualified to conduct construction work and building repairs and regularly satisfy client requests for painting jobs associated with building maintenance. 

Can Lock Up Industries supply and fit custom size fire doors and sliding fire doors?
Yes. Lock Up Industries will ensure that you get the correct fire door for your situation. Lock Up Industries can also supply custom fitted fire windows and fire sliders. Whether you need 1 fire door or 500 fire doors, Lock Up Industries are happy to help.

What area does Lock Up Industries service?
We currently service Brisbane, Gold Coast and all surrounding suburbs. Onsite fire door quotes are available from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We also regularly service clients in the Sunshine Coast area and as such, site visits can be scheduled for Sunshine Coast businesses. If you are outside the Brisbane & Gold Coast area please contact us regarding your enquiries. 

What are my obligations as a Building Manager/Owner?
Building Fire Safety maintenance standards have been transferred from the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 into the Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part 6.1- Maintenance of fire safety installations.

Prescribed fire safety installations are services and equipment that are required by the Act to safeguard occupants from illness or injury while evacuating during a fire and to provide facilities for occupants and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) to undertake fire-fighting operations. These installations can also prevent the spread of fire between floors or compartments of a building.

If you have a prescribed fire safety installation in your building you must comply with the code. Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 6.1 requires the building occupier to provide a copy of the yearly 'occupier's statement' to the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) confirming that the building's fire safety installations have been maintained in compliance with the QDC. The occupier's statement must be submitted when the annual maintenance program for all of the fire safety installations has been finished.For more information on your obligations please refer to Queensland Development Code MP 6.1 Guidelines or the Queensland Fire and Rescue website.

Is Lock Up Industries licensed to perform Fire Door works?
Yes. Lock Up Industries is fully licensed to carry out all fire door repairs, replacement and inspections. For a free online license check go to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission  website - license search, # 737062.

How often should I get my fire doors inspected?
For updates on news regarding Building Fire Safety Regulations in Queensland please visit the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service website. Heavy fines can apply for not meeting fire door regulations. Lock Up Industries can make sure your fire doors satisfy the latest regulations.

Does someone need to be at my building for a fire door inspection?
It is not essential for a building manager to be present at time of a fire door inspection. However, our staff will need to have access to appropriate keys and swipe cards while conducting the inspection. A building manager may be required on site for some construction work involving fire door installations.

Can Lock Up Industries complete work outside of regular trading hours?
Yes. We understand that there may be limitations on suitable working times at your building. For example, Lock Up Industries regularly accommodate shopping centres and office buildings to complete fire door installations, fire door repairs and fire door servicing at suitable times.

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